GeM Portal To Expand Cooperative Sector: Amit Shah

More than 10,000 products and more than 288 services are listed, so far business worth Rs. 2.78 thousand crore has taken place and this is a huge achievement for GeM

The cooperative sector will not be given second-class treatment, however those in the sector will also have to initiate change and bring in transparency, said Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday. 

While e-launching the onboarding of cooperatives on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) portal, he said that it will bring transparency into the cooperative sector, farmers’ and milk producers’ trust in committees and their members will also increase when there is transparency

Shah said that he was confident that the world will recognise this successful transparent model of government procurement in five years. 

He said this sector has been neglected since Independence, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is accelerating its expansion with historic reforms and modernisation.  

Shah said an export house is also being registered, the work for which will be completed by December. It will provide a platform for export from cooperatives across the country. 

He said the cooperative model is a model in which even with limited capital people can come together and undertake large tasks easily. 

He said earlier that the cooperative model did not have much potential, but  Modi has awakened the aspirations of 60 crore people. 

He said if a system does not change itself with the times, then it becomes outdated, and therefore it is necessary to improve the cooperative system for the expansion of the sector. 

India’s cooperative system is 115 years old and the laws are also very old, though small changes have taken place from time to time, radical changes and modernisation according to the times have not taken place.