Indian Startups Now Getting Better Value For Their Innovation: Goyal

Piyush Goyal while addressing the E-Summit 2022 said that finance is no longer a constraint for Startups engaged in database-technology based solutions, besides scalable and good ideas

Our startups are making India proud and the Government is also working in the Advisory Council continuously with new ideas, said Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday at “E-Summit 2022- Disruption in veins” organised by IIT Madras.

“90 Unicorns, by itself, is reflective of the confidence with which our Startups are growing. By and large, the Startups have created a good name for themselves, a very high level of credibility and I am fairly confident that going forward there will be more and more changes,” said Goyal, 

Goyal said finance is no longer a constraint for Startups engaged in database-technology-based solutions, besides scalable and good ideas.

“Our Startups are getting valued for their innovation far better than ever before. Similarly, there’s more money on the table, whether as seed capital or initial capital or different stages of fundraising that is required for startups, there are several possibilities,” he said.

Goyal said the government is committed to supporting the startups through better incubation centres in the new and emerging smaller towns and cities.

“Our quality of technology and innovation is now, in many ways, world-class; we are second to none in the world. That itself is a big evolution from the past,” said Goyal.