India’s Farm Exports Touched USD 19,709 Mn In Apr–Jan 2021-22: Govt

Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that wheat exports surge nearly four times, rice top forex earner and other cereals up by 66 percent, followed by cereal preparations and miscellaneous processed items at 14 percent growth

India’s exports of agricultural and processed food products rose by more than 23 percent in terms of USD in the first ten months of the current fiscal (April-January, 2021-22) compared to the same period of the previous year, said the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on Monday. 

The export of products under the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) ambit increased from USD 15,974 million in April-January 2020-21 to USD 19,709 million during the period.

The ministry has fixed the target for exports under APEDA basket products at USD 23,713 million in 2021-22.

The export of rice was the top forex earner at USD 7696 million during April-January 2021-22, growing 13 percent over the corresponding period in 2020-21 when it touched USD 6,793 million, it said. 

The ministry said that meat, dairy, and poultry products exports grew over 13 percent standing at USD 3408 million in April-January 2021-22 compared to USD 3005 million in the corresponding ten-month period of 2020-21. 

Fruits and vegetables exports were up by 16 percent to touch USD 1207 million during April-January 2021-22 against USD 1037 million in April-January 2020-21, while processed fruits and vegetable exports were up by 11 percent to reach USD 1269 million during the first ten months of 2021-22 against USD 1143 million in the corresponding period of the previous year, it added. 

“We continue to focus on creating infrastructure for boosting exports by focusing on clusters in collaboration with state governments while taking into consideration the objective of Agriculture Export Policy, 2018,”said M Angamuthu, Chairman, APEDA.

Angamuthu added that we are also promoting exports of Geographical Indication registered products along with those unique from the north-eastern and hilly states.